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Tassa drumming is a high energy music performance. It traces back to an indigenous musical art form that has many variations and complex rhythms. It can compliment chutney, soca, calypso, pan, parang music and more. Embracing the heritage of Trinidad and Tobago, we keep the tradition and culture of Tassa drumming alive. We provide entertainment for


Types of weddings include but are not limited to Hindu, Muslim, Catholic and more.

Stage Performances

With 20 years of experience in performing, we can cater to various sized shows and events.


Experience in spiritual and religious events.







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International Performances


Years Experience 


How it Began

In 1994, the Booodoosingh Tassa Group was sponsored by the “Petroleum Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited” (PETROTRIN) & The Petrotrin Boodoosingh Tassa Group was formed.

Winning Performances

Champions with a record of thirty nine (39) 1st Places, seven (7) 2nd Places & three (3) 3rd Places in Nationwide tassa Competitions from 1984 to 2013.

International Shows

Performed in Hollywood, California, Washington D.C.,Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami, New York, Toronto, Montreal-Canada, Venezuela, Margarita island, Barbados, Grand Cayman Islands, Suriname, London England, etc.. In 2005, The Petrotrin Boodoosingh Tassa Group entered their last competition in “THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS” at the Performing Arts in Hollywood, California, where they won eight (8) Gold Medals . 

Tassa School Co-founder

Since then, members of the group branched off into different parts of the world. They created their own groups carrying the Boodoosingh name. One member, Ryan Ali, formed Boodoosingh Tassa Drummers in Queens, NY in 2006 . He teaches many of today’s new tassa groups in the New York , New Jersey and Florida areas .

Celebrity Requests

Boodoosingh NY has performed for celebrity weddings and parties including Jay Sean , Kumar Sanu , Droopatie, K.I. , and many Caribbean artist . As they continue to make the world move one beat at a time, they always maintain professionalism and courtesy at all jobs .


Right now Boodoosingh is trying to reach another level in the entertainment business and reach out to different nationalities so that everyone can experience the love we have for Tassa drumming.

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Amanda Ali – BoodooSingh Tassa Drummers NY


Here are some photos and videos of our performances over the years.

World Championship of Performing Arts

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  • Season never ended and here another one starts... thank you to our loyal Costomers. .....

    Ryan Ali about 9 hours ago

    Ryan Ali about 4 days ago
  • Records are ment to be broken! Let's see, get ready we taking tassa drumming to another level. More info coming soon.# like a boss.

    Ryan Ali about 8 days ago


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